Who is WELgee?

Our mission, vision and passion

We have refugees who have been deprived of their future by their circumstances.
We will overcome the circumstances of ourselves and create a society that can depict the future.


There is no environment where people who have fled to Japan as refugees can design their own future.

Now, one person is chased every two seconds.

The number of people forced to leave their homes and homes due to conflict and persecution in the world is the largest after World War II, 70.8 million. According to UNHCR statistics, one person every second in the world is forced to escape from his home.

Being a refugee means sudden loss of the daily relationships you have built with you, your career, your wealth, your social status, your family, relatives, friends and lovers. Those who fled in search of hope are also here in Japan where we live.
In Japan, the number of refugee recognition applications has increased rapidly, reaching approximately 20,000 in 2017.

Their only hope that they have fled as refugees is to be certified as refugees. If you receive a refugee status, you will be guaranteed the right of citizens in the host country. However, the refugee recognition rate in Japan is 0.3%, the lowest level among the 8 countries of G7 + Korea.

Why is the refugee recognition rate in Japan low?

01 Strict interpretation of the Refugee Convention

The Refugee Convention was originally an international treaty established in 1951 to protect “political refugees” and “exiles” who escaped from a communist country in Eastern Europe to a liberal country in Western Europe during the East-West Cold War. Strictly speaking, refugees and conflict refugees who escape from a failed state do not fall within the definition. Because of the need to change the definition of refugees, UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) established international protection guidelines. Although the guidelines are not legally binding, each country has a stance of accrediting in accordance with these guidelines. On the other hand, the Japanese government has strictly applied the Refugee Convention without applying the new definition as it is not necessary to comply.

02 Difficulty of verification

In Japan, in addition to subjective fears and circumstances, objective circumstances such as fear of persecution are necessary for verification of refugee status. Refugees who flee with their clothes are often difficult to prove because they often do not have objective evidence of persecution. On the other hand, in other countries, it is based on the value that “one who does not have refugee status resides in a country where the true refugee is repatriated to a country where there is a risk of persecution. Applicants who have little evidence to support refugee status are also recognized as refugees, taking into account the circumstances of the applicant.

As a general rule, those who apply as refugees can legally stay in Japan until the results are obtained. However, they have extremely unstable legal status, and there are various barriers between them. For example, in Germany, the government guarantees a minimum life for refugee recognition applicants, including not only residence status and work permit, but also welfare, housing and language training. However, in Japan there is almost no guarantee of this kind of life. In the days when the future is uncertain, there is a current situation where young people's hearts are rotting.

"I just lived today"

Three walls awaiting refugees


Uncertain Future

Refugee status applicants are granted Japanese status of residence only because they have applied for refugee status. Your current work permit may be stripped someday, and your residence status may be lost someday. I don't know, when I can reunite with my child in my home country, when my anxiety is removed, my body and mind will rot.


Isolation from Japanese society

Those who fled as refugees without originally planning to come to Japan or expecting them to do so were almost never acquainted with Japan. You will be confused by Japanese kanji notation, and your money will soon run out of the hotel fee. Some people spend more than a month spending the night in a 24-hour restaurant and walking around the city during the day. There are many people who can't connect with anyone and are driven mentally.


Difficulty finding job

If you don't speak Japanese and you don't have reliable Japanese acquaintances or friends, you will have no knowledge of Japanese corporate culture and common sense of employment, and you will have to find a job. They often have no occupational options and often end up in dangerous and harsh working environments without employment contracts or insurance coverage.

As a result, even in escaped Japan, it is not possible to draw a hopeful future, and many people are crushed by loneliness and invisibleness of the future.

But what they have as refugees is
just “disaster”?

In fact, they have massive potential .

Future leaders

80% of the refugees involved with WELgee are from Africa. The only people who can come to Japan far away are those who have the funds to purchase expensive tickets and those who can get the cooperation of relatives and friends. In fact, many doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc. have a high social background.

Overflowing resourcefulness

They have raised their voices for their own justice in their home countries and overcome the adversity. They have outstanding resourcefullness, perseverance, and kindness. More than half of the refugees involved in WELgee have received higher education, and are highly motivated to learn, and many have a strong desire to contribute to society and others.

Sharing the world

For the Japanese, refugees are also messengers that tell us about the history and world that we don't know. Refugees who fled from the dictatorship communicated the importance of democracy, and refugees who learned in a gated country where educational opportunities were narrow talked about the importance of education. They are the bridges that connect us with the world.


Our role

We discover individual passions expand connections and create triggers that make the future designable

Beyond the background of “refugees”, everyone makes use of their uniqness We will create a state that can change the future. Our role is their friend and family, full of ambition and potential, To accompany you on your way to your dream.


The society we want to realize

A society where anyone can shape the future together regardless of one’s circumstances

Returning democracy to one's own country Changing to an industrial structure without child labor The next election will be completed without anybody's death A world where young people can speak freely will be created The service will reach the other party that you want to deliver beyond the suppression, and everyone will be able to create value as an actor toward the realization of a better society
There are many people who have never met directly ahead of their thoughts when they came to Japan to spin their lives with the future of their hometown. Supporting the vision that each of them draws leads to supporting hundreds of people ahead.
Would you like to build a new society with us?

Why Not With Us?

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