8/22(土) 14:00~ 16:00 | オンライン開催 | WELgeeサロン vol.37 『Background ~みんなの物語~』


私たちはNot Talk “about” refugees, but Talk “with” refugees を大切にし、一人の○○さんとして対話する場がWELgeeサロンを開催しています。


「Background 【みんなの物語】」



8月22日(土) 14:00~16:00


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【WELgee saloon vol.37】

Working towards a future where we can shape the future together regardless of one’s circumstances ~New encounters make your life colorful~

【What is the WELgee salon?】

The WELgee salon is usually held once a month and a place where Japanese and internationals talk through group projects and games In WELgee,we don’t say “refugees” but rather “Internationals” as our multinational friends full of talent and personality. We value talking “with” refugees and hold the WELgee salon in order to create a place to talk to each other as an individual. Would you like to have a fun conversation with Internationals with various passions, other participants and WELgee staff??If so this is the right event for you! Previous WELgee salons can be read here

【This month’s WELgee salon】

“Background 【Everyone’s Story】”

We hope everyone is enjoying summer to the best in these unprecedented times. For the August online WELgee salon, we have planned a casual event where you can discover the unique personalities others have, from the comfort of your home! As seen above in the subtitle, we want to hear your story! But don’t worry, we won’t ask you to share anything you’re not comfortable with nor do we expect you to tell us a dynamic Oscar worthy story. We’ll ask you casual/positive questions like “When do you feel fulfilled in life?” or “Have you experienced culture shock?” Through these questions we want you to discover unique personalities of your fellow group members. WELgee salon is a place where every opinion and background is welcome. We can’t wait to meet you all!


August 22th 2pm -4pm


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15 (on a first-come, first-served basis)

【Participation fee】


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